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Belén López earned her double degree in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy from Alfonso X El Sabio University of Madrid. Her career starts as a physiotherapy in traumatological and degenerative injuries meanwhile she combines it with her Masters of Manual Therapies and Neurorehabilitation. During these years she also works hand-in-hand with renowned dentists in their city and perform treatments for temporomandibular joint disorders and pre- and post-oral surgeries.

Passionate about spinal cord injuries before starting her studies and after years working in neurorehabilitation field, she decides to move to Australia and starts her educational journey like spinal cord specialist, this new vision unlike more traditional methods of therapy kept her coming back Coruña, her home city, where established these specific functional fitness programs to spinal cord injury and paralysis. No satisfied with that, this time she decided to move to United States to complete her studies and acquired a stronger experience in the field at multiple reference centers. With her knowledge and experience she began to think “outside of the box” and combined traditional methods with our intensive and specific physical programs to challenging the limits of believed possibility with the only requirements of hard work and commitment.

With NeuroStep she takes on the challenge to offer these activity-based therapy programs for spinal cord injuries and neurological disorders where you will receive one-on one personalized functional training. She still working on temporomandibular disorders and traditional physical therapies.

At the present she continued studying in several centers worldwide. Her passion and experience are so evident, that allows her to offer the most innovative therapies to tackle the challenges that both hers and her clients face every day.

Belén is also a member of partnerships and research groups, collaborating with The International Network of Spinal Cord Injury Physiotherapists (SCI-PT), United Spinal Association, PhysioTherapy eXercises and International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS).

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